Tomb of Ramose
In Royal Dress
        The art of ceremony and ritual has been held as sacred by humans from all walks and times of life, from Ancient Egyptian Pharos, to the Royal Monarchy. For centuries (and still in many cultures today), marriage has been used mainly as a contractual agreement, as an arrangement, often orchestrated by others, for one benefit or another. 
         Modern Marriages, that are motivated by love first, are a relatively new phenomena in the span of our human existence. The beauty of this modern relationship is that we get to be the authors of our own love stories; We get to create and shape our marriages exactly as we've dreamed them. 

        As your Officiant, I want to make this process as simple and stress free as possible. I want to honor the art and history of marriage, while expressing the modern age that we're in. I specialize in non-religious ceremonies that embrace an essence of spirituality and nature to the degree that resonates most with you.


        Want to be involved in the construction of your ceremony? No problem.  Want nothing to do with it? Fine too. Want something short? Something longer? Want to write your own vows? Want me to write them for you? No worries! I've got you.