Hi there!

I'm Julia, and I'd love to officiate your elopement or wedding ceremony! I believe that words, when woven together with heart and intention, can truly create magic.

I have been a "space holder" (as I like to call it), mostly taking form as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, for over 12 years, and I am also a writer, blogger, and poet. For me, words, both written and spoken, are important.



     I truly feel in my bones that the exchanging of vows is a scared contract that should fill you up with joy, love, and purpose. My goal as an officiant is to pull out the essence of the love that you share as a couple, and turn it into tangible poetry that will leave a mark on your hearts for the rest of your lives. I want to represent you both as individuals, as well as a unified couple, in a way that is genuine to who you are.


     I really enjoy getting to know couples and taking the time to create a customized and unique ceremony (I never just "plug-in" names to a pre-written script). I love weaving together elements of nature, ancient traditions, and spirituality, without being dogmatic. If you call it God, The Universe, Spirit, or feel unclear as to whether or not a higher power exists, I believe we can create a beautiful ceremony that resonates with you. 

    When I'm not officiating ceremonies or teaching classes, i enjoy spending as much time outside as possible (especially with my dog, Max), practicing yoga + martial arts, spending time with friends in coffee shops, and rock climbing with my beloved, Stephen. I feel that being human is a beautiful gift that is also sometimes terrifying and bizarre. I truly believe that savoring every moment and living our day to day with meaning, adventure, and purpose, is a life well lived. 

my love.


Located in the Mountains of Asheville