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There are some key things to know before working with me.

Please read them all thoroughly before submitting an inquiry: 

I do not send out a script of my ceremonies for pre-approval. Every ceremony I write is unique, heartfelt, and crafted to assist you and your partner to be completely immersed in your love. Already knowing the words that will be shared (in my experience) keeps you in anticipation of what comes next and takes away from the gift of being truly present on your big day. My schedule also doesn't allow for me to send out copies with time for revisions. This requires your willingness to trust my craft :) 


I no longer take large productions or weddings; I solely work with elopements (15 people or less) during the work week. I also no longer take bookings on the weekends, unless it is a very last minute 'emergency need' (considering I am available). If you inquire about a larger production or a booking on the weekend, I will not respond to your request. Thank you so much for understanding! 


If you are looking to have an outdoor "adventure" elopement here in the Appalachian mountains, it's good to be prepared to experience all forms of weather— rain, hail, wind, snow, muggy heat etc. Please plan accordingly for you (and your guests if applicable) with appropriate footwear, removable layers, hydration, snacks, etc. Remember that the most important part of your big day is the ability to connect to your love regardless of the weather! We often do have beautiful weather, but our Blue Ridge Mountains can make it unpredictable, so please be prepared  for that :)  


Booking a venue or securing a location (like a super cool Airbnb) with an indoor space for your ceremony is a great way to have some more ease if you're concerned about weather unpredictability. I recommend sitting down together with your partner and asking "Can we truly still enjoy our day if we're outside and it'll be raining/snowing/cold?". If you feel that it will be too stressful for you both to roll with unpredictable weather, consider booking a venue. If deciding on an outdoor location for your ceremony, please investigate whether or not you will need to secure a special use permit. 


Please know that I am not a religious officiant (though I have my own relationship to the concept of faith and respect all religions that are practiced ethically). I am a nationally ordained Humanist Celebrant. I am always happy to incorporate/acknowledge particular beliefs or weave in certain traditions that are important to you (example: jewish breaking of the glass, or certain prayers or bible verses), but please do not request that I hold a particularly religious ceremony; it is not my wheelhouse and would be best executed by the ordained professionals of that particular faith. 


I only book my dates 4-6 months in advance to leave room for life and travel. If you inquire about a date further into the future, I will not respond to your request. Thank you for understanding! 


When you inquire about a potential booking and I think we're a good fit, I will send you my pricing info. If my offerings align for you, then we move forward with booking through my welcome email, which includes helpful information, links for payment, and a questionnaire so that I can get to know you. 


I try my best to be prompt with my responses to any emails that come through, including booking inquiries. Most commonly I respond to emails that come in during the work week within 48 hours, but please allow up to 1 week for me to respond due to my busy schedule. 


Thank you for taking the time to understand how I work ♥

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