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Getting Your Marriage License!

-If your are getting married in the state of North Carolina, your license must be obtained in NC! 

-It does not matter if the county you obtain your license in is different from the one where your ceremony will be. 

-Check in with the Register of Deeds closest to you/where you'll be staying to see their current process (some locations are walk-in, some are by appointment only; I recommend the Buncombe County location) 

-North Carolina Register of Deeds issues licenses up to 60 days before your wedding date, so plan accordingly. 

-The cost at most Register of Deeds is $60 for your license. Some locations will mail you a copy of your Marriage Certificate once they receive the license back (sometimes requiring a $10 processing fee) but some require that you follow up with them either over the phone or through their website. I recommend asking the Register of Deeds that you choose to work with what you will need to do to get your certificate after you have your ceremony. 

-Over the years of doing this work, I've come to notice that some people anticipate the Register of Deeds to be an experience like going to the DMV. You'll be happy to know it's not at all like the DMV and is generally quite simple and easy :) 

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