Hello :) My name is Julia!


photo by Christian Fox

And I'm a wedding officiant and Humanist Celebrant. I am a storyteller, lover of love, and I believe in the magic of words. 

In ceremony, my biggest goal is to hold space for my couples in a heartfelt and genuine way, allowing them to have a truly memorable and sacred experience.


Every ceremony that I write is crafted to represent the unique dynamic of each relationship and no one ceremony is the same.

I welcome a collaborative approach in the process of crafting my ceremonies, so that my couples are confident that they are getting exactly what they want.


I love weaving together elements of nature, ancient traditions, and spirituality, without being too rigid. Whether you call it God, The Universe, Spirit, or feel unclear as to whether or not a higher power exists, there is opportunity to have an unforgettable and sacred expereince through ceremony. 


My adventures as an officiant all started with Jon and Maegan



Once upon a time, many moons ago, they came to one of my yoga classes. Now, they're two of my greatest friends. And Jon's brother is also now my husband! You could say we are all like family (well, because we are!)


When Jon and Maegan asked me to marry them all those years ago, of course I said 'YES!' and I basically have never looked back. 

photo by Taylor Heery

A little bit about me.... 

photo by Elope Outdoors

I have been a "Space-Holder" (as I love to call it) for more than fifteen years, mostly taking shape as a

Yoga and mindfulness teacher. 

I've worked a lot with populations that need extra support, like adults who are incarcerated and teenagers in recovery for substance abuse.

Simply put, I love Humans. I just do.


Sharing space with people in such a special sacred moment is something that fills my heart with so much joy and being able to share this gift with others is a deep honor and one that I don't take lightly. 

I am passionate about celebrating love and how it is a force in our lives capable of offering us great healing. For me, a wedding ceremony should embody this truth and should be an experience that leaves you feeling changed for the better.


A marriage ceremony, when shared with heartfelt intention, can be moving, funny, and transformative, without feeling sterile or uncomfortably serious.

I use my teaching expereince to start off every ceremony with a moment of intentional mindfulness, helping my couples to find themselves centered, present, and excited for the trajectory of their lives together. Your big day should be an authentic representation of who you are and one that leaves you feeling held, celebrated, and seen. 


photo by Elope Outdoors