Located in the Mountains of Asheville 



    My adventures as an officiant all started with Jon and Maegan

    They're two of my best friends.

    Once upon a time, they asked me to marry them! Of course I said 'YES!' and thus started my journey as a space-holder for Love.

    Hiya! I'm Julia!

    And I want to help you create the Wedding ceremony of your dreams!


    A little bit about me.... 

    I have been a "Space-Holder" for more than a decade, mostly taking shape as a

    Yoga and Mindfulness instructor. 

    i specialize in working with "at risk" populations, like the incarcerated and those in recovery for substance abuse.

    Simply put, I love Humans. I just do. 

    Oh, and also, I love words. like, a lot. I believe both speaking and writing are gifts to be treasured, to be held as sacred.

    When I teach, I've always felt that the timing and order of words are a true art, and when I write, I do so from my soul. My hope is that you can feel the essence of art, truth, and beauty in your wedding ceremony.